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Database Driven Websites are websites that provide abundant sophisticated, user friendly functionality. Database Driven Website helps you to fetch information from a Database that is connected by programming and displays that information into the web page each time it is loaded. In Database Driven Websites the entire information update is automatic and is done without manual effort. Thus, in Database Driven Websites, with every change in the information stored in the database, the web page linked with it changes accordingly. Huge Quantity of information can be handled efficiently and with ease using Database Driven Websites.

The Database can vary from

Examples of the kinds of database driven websites that we have created

  • web-based database management system.
  • online shopping cart / e-commerce database.
  • real estate property information.
  • employment opportunities posting system.
  • social networking systems.
  • web-based community content system.
  • complex user feedback forms.
  • open source cms - joomla, drupal.
  • forums, wordpress blogs.
  • Classified systems.

Advantages of Database Driven Websites with us

Content Management - A non-data base driven website will always require a programmer to make updates, which can lead to slow turnarounds for the required set of changes. On the other hand we develop a database driven website that allows the web site owner, to make changes any time according to your convenience, without having to depend on a developer or knowing HTML programming. Our well-structured, database driven website will facilitate you to manage updating of your site with little or no training. By using the password-protected, content management tools, you can quickly and easily update your Web site's content. Refer our CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Future Expandability

Should you decide down the road to make changes to the layout, or change/replace/add any functionality to your web site, the task can be very easily accomplished with a dynamic data base driven website created by us.

Improving Stability

While you are updating your website with the help of a programmer, it may so happen that he leaves the work unexpectedly. In such cases if your source files are lost along with your programmer, it means recreating your work all over again. This is where our database driven website helps you as in such a case, your content is never lost.

Cutting Production and Update Costs

Our database driven website is highly affordable as you will be able to make most of the changes yourself. Even if your volume is large and you need to hire a person to do the job, using our database driven website to update your data is so easy that any competent data entry or administrative person, can efficiently serve your purpose. On the other hand, a programmer will charge more higher than a data entry person.

Data Storage

As a database driven website allows data storage, our solution allows using a database together with your web server, by which you can save likewise structured information (like customer data, or contact information) in a place and automatically create several web pages on-the-fly such as an employee directory or a web-based service request application. Hence with our database driven website design you can, with great ease, reuse particular data in various places while keeping the effort of maintenance low.

More Efficiency

Global changes to layout, navigation or website structure would only need one time programming, and in one place. Our database driven website itself will take care of propagating those changes to the appropriate pages and areas. Our database driven website will improve the reliability and stability of your Web site. Database driven website designed by us will also greatly reduce the chance of breaking some part of the website when adding new areas.

Our programming experts have designed and applied relational databases using MS SQL Server, MS Access and MySQL, MS Access for database connectivity. As far as web application is concerned, we prioritize security and speed and security. With our in-depth knowledge of SQL and database systems, we specialize in developing fast and secure custom database driven web sites.

Specialize in web development

Our specialization allows your existent systems for online database integration and ecommerce development. We are expert in programming/development and database solutions. Since its establishment, has offered database driven website design and development services of new or already existent web portals, MIS systems and ecommerce web sites. Our programmers possess ample experience with various databases including like PHP Asp SQL , MySQL and various others.

Flexible and user-friendly work process

We boast of our flexible and user-friendly work process. Ours is a prototyping approach to design. We follow an iterative work process that involves developing parts of the system apace, enabling the customer to use these and then bit-by-bit refining it. We use this approach to involve the client in every phase of the project assuring that the system will fulfill the client requirements. After project completion, we contact the client after (insert time in weeks) to hash out any modifications if necessary. We welcome our clients to give us a call for any suggestion regarding any problem regarding the project..

Cost effective solutions

Our charges are extremely competitive. We can design/develop a website to suit any and every pocket. leverages the cost saving benefits of open source technologies to provide you with full-featured, scalable and cost-effective web based application solutions.