While eAdvertise’s research reveals that all firms encounter comparable issues when they transition from one stage of growth to the next, we acknowledge that each organization is different in terms of its people, operations, and organizational culture. As a result, we engage with each customer to understand their goals and design tailored solutions to satisfy those needs.

A “customized solution” at eAdvertise refers to the tools (one or more) chosen to best match the client’s goals, as well as how these tools are packaged and supplied within and to the customer. Customization may entail:

  • Combining two or more eAdvertise tools into a bundle that addresses a specific client requirement;
  • Using client-specific examples, issues, language, and terminology in the solution’s design and delivery;
  • Designing and conducting meetings to best suit client needs; developing or utilizing industry-specific case studies and client-specific applications.

We collaborate with our client partners during the first installation of any solution to evaluate its success and make improvements as needed.

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