What is eAD Drive?

eAD drive offers industry-leading on-premises file sync and online collaboration technology. Our expertise is in combining the convenience and ease of use of consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive with the security, privacy and control business needs.

Our self-hosted solutions ensure you know where data is, who has access, and that even meta-data does not leak.

eAD Files

eAD Files offers an on-premise Universal File Access and sync platform with powerful collaboration capabilities and desktop, mobile and web interfaces.

eAD Talk

eAD Talk delivers on-premises, private audio/video conferencing and text chat through browser and mobile interfaces with integrated screen sharing and SIP integration.

eAD Groupware

Groupware integrates Calendar, Contacts, Mail and other productivity features to help teams get their work done faster, easier and on your terms.

Why Companies Need eAD Drive?

A major challenge enterprises face today is balancing security of data with productivity and convenience.

Using a public cloud solution like Dropbox or Google Drive means easy online collaboration and syncing of data but also exposure to legal and security issues. Using a heavily secured, locally encrypted TrueCrypt file to keep files means no sharing and co-editing and your employees will end up sending those sensitive files to each other over insecure email to get work done.

While there are products out there that offer partial solutions, none is satisfying. A full end-to-end encrypted technology protects your data but limits the use of the web interface and collaboration. Encryption on the server doesn’t protect you when the server is compromised. Some companies resort to using multiple distinct cloud solutions and hoping employees make no mistakes in choosing the right solution for each piece of data. Cue data leaks.


Protect, control and monitor data and communication across your company. Guarantee compliance with business and legal requirements. Keep your data on servers you own, at all times. Nothing leaks, not even metadata.


Enable productivity across any platform, whether in the office or on the road, to share, collaborate and communicate across organizational boundaries. eAD drive provides transparent access to data on any storage.


Enjoy constant improvements from a thriving and transparent, entirely open-source community development model, free of lockins or paywalls. Enjoy the benefits of enterprise support when you need it.

Our key differentiators

Putting IT back in control

As a vendor of on-premises solutions, eAD drive puts the customer in control over their data in the most literal and direct sense. Building on that, our product integrate powerful capabilities to control and monitor data exchange and communication, including our unique File Access Control and workflow features, extensive audit logs, fine-grained sharing controls and more.

Security first

Security is eAD drive customers’ greatest concerns and our prime advantage over competitors. eAD drive features a host of unique, innovative security technologies from brute force protection to advanced server side and integrated end-to-end, client side encryption with enterprise-grade key handling and a wide range of security hardenings.


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