In order to improve and invest in their technological modernization to increase their competitiveness, existing and new small and medium-sized businesses in all industries should expect the action to be announced.

1) They employ no more than 250 independent contractors.

2) The annual turnover and overall balance sheet do not exceed 50 million euros.

3) The company is not in financial danger if it is not in bankruptcy, liquidation, or forced administration.

4) Operates lawfully by possessing the necessary operating license in line with the applicable regulations.

5) Addresses the necessary private participation, as outlined in the program guide.

6) To have participated in no more than 200,000 euros worth of unimportant programs over the previous three years.

Each investment project’s subsidized budget can range from 5,000 to 100,000. The subsidy rate will be equal to 50% and 60% for disadvantaged areas.





– Resources

– Commercial software designed for the general public.

– Specialized IT Services, Software, Systems, and Programs.

– The acquisition of services for additional digital upgrade expenditures not directly associated with IT systems

1. Equipment

It covers the expense of getting the necessary new equipment.

2. Software

A piece of software that is readily available and made for the general public. The Plan includes purchasing a license, installing it on the user’s computer, and/or obtaining a license using cloud computing.

3. Custom Software

-Programming software/systems such as ERP, HRMS, CRM, BI, ECM, DMS, BPM, RPA, security services, and bespoke software development. Online shop, industrial digitization, e-invoicing (electronic invoicing), data analytics, secure payments, etc.
IT system-related services such software customization, data transfer (for initial system setup), installation, staff training, etc.
It should be emphasized that renting cloud computing applications or purchasing services are both viable options for implementing software purchases (cost coverage up to 36 months).

4. Other expenses

Purchase of Services for Other Expenses is among the items in this category.
Digital upgrades include content production, social media presence, product demonstration films, and digital advertising and promotion (digital marketing).
Consultants’ fees for planning, submitting, and managing the application overall


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