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The Client

MSV Ad operates in the Outdoor Advertising field in Cyprus.

Having a strong and deviated island-wide media portfolio that consists of Pisa, Scrolling Pisa, Super Pisa, Tri-Vision, Bus Stop Shelters, Sports Media and LED Displays, they lead the path of outdoor advertising in all the areas they operate. They provide valuable advertising solutions and targeting practices to many clients with a touch of professionalism and friendliness.

Client's Vision

  • OOH Signs availability system.
  • Strict clientele management processes, from first contact to end of their campaign.
  • Easy re-occurring clientele campaign launch.
  • Landlord management; manage landlord information, contracts, and payments on each sign assigned to their land.
  • Municipality management; manage Municipality information, contracts, and payments on each sign assigned to their land.
  • Electricity board details and records.

Our Solution

We crafted a fully customized website with an interactive map where users can request availability for any OOH Signs within Cyprus; providing exact location and detailed description on every sign type. Furthermore, we built an ERP system which includes; landlord management, signs management, availability, contract, proposals, campaigns, vendors management, accounting, customer relationship management, leads management, CMS, website request management, newsletter system, media management, calendar synchronizations, task management, reporting, customizable dashboard.

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    MSV Ad


    CodeIgniter framework, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL.

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