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The Client

ASSERTUS Limited is a professional and independent firm based in Cyprus, which was established to provide a wide range of Audit, Tax, Advisory and Corporate Services, as well as to offer outsourcing solutions to business corporations and public bodies for their Accounting, Payroll and Internal Audit functions.

ASSERTUS was founded in June 2018 after the merger of two successful and reputable offices. S. SOTERIOU CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS, one of the distinguished offices in the District of Paphos with a history of more than 30 years, and CYFEXPO, which while in fact established in 2012, stood out and was recognized as the company with the highest growth rates in the sector, in a challenging period for the Cypriot economy.

The combination of the successful features of CYFEXPO and S. SOTERIOU CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS has given ASSERTUS all the prerequisites for being the most reliable and efficient partner for all the services it offers. With the establishment of ASSERTUS, an Organization in the Paphos District was created with four chartered accountants and registered auditors and additional 25 highly trained auditors / accountants, as well as, a considerable clientele portfolio which consists of international and local business corporations and public bodies together with international and local wealthy individuals. ASSERTUS obtained access to the benefits of all the specialist services provided by the two legacy companies, as well as, access to the combined accumulated experience and deep knowledge in all fields

Client's Vision

  • Organizational system; organize contacts like, clients, prospective clients, associates, suppliers, banks, and authorities.
  • Contracts with clients and associates
  • Automatic task creation
  • Human Resources (HR)

Our Solution

We created a system where all clientele and contacts such as, associates, banks, authorities and supplies are organized. In addition, we implemented a contract management, newsletter system, reporting, goals tracking, announcements and automated task system, where, when a client is connected with an auditor and partner from the business. Depending on the deadlines, it assigns task to each employee like:

  • Deemed dividends distribution( 2 years prior)
  • Annual levy
  • Social insurance
  • Vies
  • Payee
  • IR1, self-employed audited FS
  • IR1, self-employed non audited FS
  • IR1, employees
  • Provisional tax
  • Defense tax
  • GESY
  • IR614A
  • HE32
  • IR7 , IR4
  • Accounting, no VAT, annual
  • Audit

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