Custom Cloud Solution

Client's Vision

The client needed a Fleet Management system that can be synced with their existing car hire and Villas system, which would be able to accept online payment, and where reservations, vehicle and Villa inventory could be managed. In addition, they wanted to view their vehicles’ and Villas’ expense history, such as maintenance, petrol, damages, vehicle and Villa buy price and sell price, amount of times each vehicle was rented and their mileage. Furthermore, they wanted Customer Relationship Management (CRM), where they could oversee their clientele and send emails and SMS autonomously.

Our Solution

We created a custom cloud solution from scratch that manages, Elephant rent a car Elephant rent a Villa. The custom system include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Invoicing, Payment Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Fleet Management, Property Management, Availability Calendar, Booking Management and Content Management System (CMS). In which through them they can achieve their needs. In addition, we created two new websites, which can be managed through their CMS. Lastly, we created a number of reports for the company and the synchronization of their current system.

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    HTML5, CSS3, JSON, XML, Server-Side PHP, MySQL

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