Chateau Moderne

Paphos, Cyprus

Chateau Moderne

Château Moderne is a marvel of oversized modern architecture and gracious living: a huge three-storey gated private villa at the northern end of the Paphos coastline. Avoid the overcrowded tourist areas around Coral Bay and enjoy peaceful beaches, relaxed activities, friendly local restaurants, bars & shops, and all of the luxurious amenities waiting at Chateau Moderne.

The magnificent pool is elegantly tiled and surrounded by luxurious sunbeds and luscious mature plants (palms, Cypress & fruit trees) adding softness and greenery to the property, as well as privacy and tranquility, with plenty of grass and garden space where kids can run around. Luxurious pool and bath towels provided. Panoramic tinted glass doors lead from the ground floor and the master bedroom to the extensive terraces featuring high-quality outdoor lounge seating. The Agios Georgios (St. George) and adjacent Sea Caves/Coral Bay area include lots of activities perfect for families, such as horseback riding, beaches, hiking, and geological formations just a few minutes from the estate.

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    Chateau Moderne

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