Kissonerga, Paphos, Cyprus


Welcome to Froutopolitia, where the traditional role of a supermarket is transcended to become a vibrant community hub. Nestled in the heart of Kissonerga, Froutopolitia is dedicated to delivering the freshest, finest, and most flavorful products right to your doorstep.

The journey began with a simple belief: quality, freshness, and community are the pillars of an extraordinary shopping experience. From meticulously selected fruits, vegetables, and meats, many of which are proudly sourced by Froutopolitia, to aisles brimming with chilled and frozen delights, every item at Froutopolitia is chosen with customer satisfaction in mind.

More than just a place to shop, Froutopolitia is an integral part of Kissonerga’s tapestry of life. The commitment extends beyond providing groceries; it’s about nurturing relationships and crafting moments of joy for the community. Whether you’re a local resident or a passing visitor, Froutopolitia invites you to discover a world where freshness meets flavor, and each visit is a celebration of great food and community spirit.

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